Yesterday, I made a post informing the Wiki that I had totally screwed up the Level- three categories. (Sub-categories within the two main sub-categories within the biggest category). Turns out it really wasn't a big deal, and Krayfish told me that the default top layer sub-categories had served their purpose , so I could change their names if I wanted.

So, I changed and clarified their names (Content/Wiki and Content/Game), but their purpose is still this same. This should help make the Wiki a tad simpler :)

Zorak Plorak requested that I tell you guys about yesterday when I went to a theme park rather than work on the Wiki. So, here we go ;)

We went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, Texas, USA. When we go to a theme park, this is where we usually go; it's not to far, but it takes a few hours to drive to. It's an amusement park/water park, and it was a really hot day (around 100 degrees F, 38 deg. C) so we went to both parks.

The amusement park has a bunch of rides (duh), but we only go on a few - all the big ticket ones. Our Favorites are the Superman (floorless rollercoaster), the Scream (idk what the type is called - it shoots straight up into the air and then suddenly drops you, lifts up again so you don't die from stopping, and then brings you down to the bottom), and the Poltergeist (shoots you out of the station at 60mph. and runs through a compact ball of track and goes back to the station).

My favorites include the above, as well as the Rattler (tall, long, wooden coaster), Der Twister (lifts you up, spins you horizontally, holds you upside down, makes you do flips, etc. Lots of fun.), and the Wagon Wheel is really fun too (everyone gets in small compartments that get swung around a wheel; you go upside down a lot and basically get spun around - it's quite fun).

We also did the waterpark, as I said. We did some cool slides that were meant to be scary, but really weren't. Oh well, they were quite fun, and, overall the day was pretty great. Good times.

There you go, Zorak Plorak, I hopy you enjoyed. Oh, and now you guys all know I'm a Texan. Howdy Y'all. anyway, comment, whatever it is you want to do, talk to you guys eventually. Thanks for reading.

Zaros - Ancient god of Runescape 19:34, June 19, 2011 (UTC)

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