First off, the stuff you guys probably don't care about!

  • I started Beta Round 2 (If you haven't yet, get your key here!) tonight. The interface appears to be more responsive, although, at times, it appears to be much slower. The main place I've noticed the slowness is when trying to exit a window with the little 'x' in the top-right corner of, say, a building you had clicked on.
  • I made a few minor category updates. This mostly involved fixing errors where a category would show up on the same level as another category it's listed in. It's not a big deal when something is in two categories on the same level, for instance Browse>Content/Wiki>Community>Help>Help_Desk versus Browse>Content/Wiki>Community>Forums>Help_Desk. In this case, Help Desk is being placed in multiple places for increased accessibility and for keeping the Help questions together.

Now for the good stuff!

  • The Admins (specifically, Wazam and I, right now) are preparing to get together for a meeting concerning our category system, standardization, and other topics. The main issue that has been brought to our attention is that there are a bunch of flukes in the current category system. It has a very low level of standardization, and many of the categories suffer from low name descriptiveness (i.e. it's hard to tell what a category will contain based off of its name).
  • So, mid-afternoon Wednesday, we're going to be making official changes to the Wiki - some of which may be important enough to be mentioned on the Front Page! (unconfirmed, however)

You guys can expect to hear about all the changes here on my blog, as well as on TheJoycething's talkpage.

-Zaros, 8Realms Wiki Admin, Bureaucrat, and Ancient god of Runescape 04:57, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

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