Getting towards the end of college has also increased in less online time and I've been stretched on what commitments I could keep going. Unfortunately 8Realms wiki wasn't as high on my priority list as fulfilling other roles I have such as being Stellar Dawn Central's researcher. I do however return very impressed with the work that has gone towards improving the wikia in numerous ways and those who have helped update as the game has progressed.

As 8Realms enters its end game I also feel that I am reaching my end game through the busy period of time I've had, I'm now job hunting but it looks like I could be joining the British Royal Navy, I go for a consultation day in Liverpool on the 19th July. After this I will be on a holiday camp in Quantock for 9 days in August and will hopefully return to navy training which will be an intense 6 weeks training. After all of this then I will be able to visit on a regular basis, but until then I will only be able to visit every now and again, for which I apologise for.

Two people in particular who I'd love to thank for their hardwork and dedication are Wazam123 and Zaros262 who (although they don't yet know) I have decided to give admin abilities too, they will replace myself at the top of the 8Realms wikia food chain if you like. Again Thank you everyone, if you have any questions feel free to drop me a comment.

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