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  • TheJoycething

    Getting towards the end of college has also increased in less online time and I've been stretched on what commitments I could keep going. Unfortunately 8Realms wiki wasn't as high on my priority list as fulfilling other roles I have such as being Stellar Dawn Central's researcher. I do however return very impressed with the work that has gone towards improving the wikia in numerous ways and those who have helped update as the game has progressed.

    As 8Realms enters its end game I also feel that I am reaching my end game through the busy period of time I've had, I'm now job hunting but it looks like I could be joining the British Royal Navy, I go for a consultation day in Liverpool on the 19th July. After this I will be on a holiday camp in Q…

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  • TheJoycething

    First and foremost I'd like to apologise for the lack of activity I have shown here recently, I have been quite busy but nonetheless should've spent a bit more time here. I thank those of you who have kept editing the wikia in my abscence.

    Now in my absence I've receieved several applications from people to becoema moderator, while I was still process those applications and the respective peoples contributions to the wikia, I feel that we're not yet at a stage where we need more staff and will edit the staff page to represent that.

    Regarding the main page of this wikia I'd love to hear your suggestions for it, I have edited the contents panel so that anyone can edit the navigation links inside it and add their own. Also on the 8th May june w…

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  • TheJoycething

    The 8Realms wikia will be getting it's own achievements system within the next 48 hours. I've emailed wikia and they've confirmed that The achievements system is a bit of harmless of fun that will hopefully encourage people to make some edits. You may receive an award for completing an assortment of tasks varying from a single edit to uploading and placing images in articles.

    In other news I am also in the process of trying to get wikia to make me a bureaucrat on the Jagex wikia, as it has become horribly outdated recently and I feel I could patch it up nicely.

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