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    August 22, 2011 by Shmus

    Hello! I'm IshmuI, I have joined 8realms early on during the first round of closed Beta! I only reached Feudal during my first time around. But now I'm 40% through Renaissance, the leader is right by me, and so are some other players.

    I've built my wonders with a lot of thought, although they where a big mystery to me: I. The Great Aqueduct II. St Mark's Basilica III. Gunpowder (Which I now regret)

    I'm willing to go far to capture "Easy" Luxuries, and now own 18. I have 4 settlements all very close to my base. I trade resources.

    My strategy is using my "Hills" to build buildings on after studying the option to build on hills ;)

    Ps. I'm an Ipod winner + My photos are published on 8realm's Facebook page!

    I hope you enjoyed.


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