• Frozen Ember

    Tough Decisions

    June 16, 2011 by Frozen Ember

    Now this Blog post has nothing at all to do with 8Realms so if you only want to read about 8Realms posts I would advise you not to read this, however I would like alot of people to read this because I would like to hear which you would choose and your opinions on this.

    Today, in my school we had to do this so-called tough decisions thing where we was given a sort of sheet of paper and we was required to fill it out then all the results will be added together and then presented to the school. They started off fairly easy and progressively got...tougher, most of this decisions were just like "What would you rather have for breakfast" and "White Bread or Brown Bread" but as I got more into the test I came across a very 'tough' decision that i…

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  • Frozen Ember

    A New Beginning?

    June 14, 2011 by Frozen Ember

    Well, I started my 8Realm 'Adventure' a couple of days ago and it was quite enjoyable considering I have played other games like that before like Travian and Evony which I actually dispised! However 8Realms was different...I felt more, at home with the way it introduced me to the game (or maybe it was just that you can advance in ages which I like since I am an avid Civilization 1,2,3,4 & 5 fan).

    The Reason why I seem to like 8Realms is proberly because it gives you task or goals, which makes it alot more interesting than if you was just building an empire.

    Sorry for the short post but oh well..Comment if you want, it would be appreciated...


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